Hau Sheepfold Solutions

Together we will find the perfect sheepfold solution for you.

Naturally, our range of products comprises sheep fodder conveyors, round bale racks, lambing stalls and accessories. Our fodder conveyors are available in various designs and come with a variety of features. Well-devised details make your work easy. Thus the flaps at the side make sure that no dung will accumulate below the conveyor. You see that we want to make it as easy as possible for you!

Conveyor belt

Fodder conveyor

The sturdy plastic belt runs on a pan that is available in various materials. To account for a perfect fit of the fodder belt the supports are adjustable for height. Naturally, you may also obtain the drive and control system and a range of additional variants from us.

> More pictures: Motor station, Complete view, Fodder uptake

Lambing stalls

Lambing stalls

Easy assembly: by simply hanging in the hinges of one element into another, the stalls may be connected without any tools. They are securely held in place by a ring on top; dimensions 150 cm x 120 cm (59.05”x47.24”).

Aisle separation

Aisle separation

Closed below, of hard-wearing material.

Aisle rack


Here you will find a variety of systems to cater for your sheep.

> More pictures: Round bale rack, Access to aisle rack

Height-adjustable watering trough fastener

Watering technology

Here you will find solid and proven solutions to perfectly provide your sheep with water. Of course, we also offer fasteners to conveniently adjust the height.

> More pictures: Model 130P